FTP Program Instructions

In order to send or receive files via FTP, you must receive a login name and password from your representative at Whatever Company.  If you send any files via FTP, please ensure your Whatever Company representative knows, via email, that you have placed a file so they know it is ready to be retrieved.

What is FTP? 

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method by which computers can send files to one another over the internet.  We offer FTP services to our partners, allowing you to deliver your files to us via the Internet, and visa versa.

In order to use our FTP server you must have:

  • An Internet connection
  • FTP Software
  • a login name and password provided by your Whatever Company representative

Internet Explorer and other browser based FTP utilities are not supported due to security concerns.

Size Limitations:

FTP is not always the best method of sending files.  If your local Internet connection is slow, FTP can tie-up your computer for some time.  We do not recommend sending files over 5MB via FTP if you have a dialup connection.  With a broadband connection, you may send files up to 50MB in size.  Please do not send larger files via FTP without prior approval by your representative.  If you have files larger then 100MB to deliver to Whatever Company, it is best to save them to a CD and send them via overnight service.

FTP Programs:

FTP programs are small and easy to use.  Essentially, you just open the program, log on to our server, and drag and drop files from your computer to ours and visa versa.  Once you have done it once, you will appreciate ease and speed at which files can be shared.

If you are on a Mac based system, we suggest you obtain a copy of Fetch.  You can obtain a trial copy of Fetch at download.com.  Setup and connections with Fetch will be similar to those listed below for PC based LeechFTP, but this demonstration will be limited to LeechFTP.

LeechFTP is an easy to use shareware Windows based FTP program.  You can download it here in a Zipped format: LeechFTP

LeechFTP is in a zipped format to reduce the download time and maintain the integrity of the files.  You must have an Unzip tool installed on your PC to unzip this file.  If you don't have an Unzip tool, you can download a free evaluation of WinZip from download.com.  Please follow WinZip's instructions for using this program.

Using LeechFTP on your Windows based PC:

1.  Download and install LeechFTP.  When installing LeechFTP, use all the default installation options.

2.  Open LeechFTP.  There will be a LeechFTP icon under >Start  >Programs if it installed properly.

3.  When LeechFTP opens, it should look similar to the picture above.

"A" is a communication window.  When you connect to our server, and your computer and our computer talk, you will see this communication in this window.

"B" is a file status window.  You will see the progress or your upload or download in this window.

"C" is window that shows your the files on your local computer (your folders will vary from the above picture).  You can open folders by double clicking on them, or go up one folder level by double clicking on the folder.

"D" is a window that will show you our computer once you are connected.

"E" is what you need to click to connect to our computer.

4.  Click on "E".   and an connection information window will open.

  • In the field "Host or URL:" type in "ftp.whatevercompany.com" or (contact the art dept for the desired site)

  • Leave the "Port:" field on "21"

  • In the field "Username:", enter the username provided to you by your representative where "xxxxx" is the provided name.

  • In the field "Password", enter the password provided.

  • All of these fields are Case Sensitive, so ensure your Caps Lock key is turned off.

  • Click "OK", and you should be connected to our computer

5.  Downloading or Uploading Files:

  • To upload a file from your computer to ours, simply navigate to your file in the middle Window, grab the file with your mouse, and drag it to the right window (F).

  • To download a file from our computer to yours, drag the file from the right window to the middle window.  Drag it below the folders so that it doesn't place the file within one of the folders (G).

6.  To see the files which you have just uploaded or downloaded in their new respective locations, click the refresh button while the desired window is highlighted.

7.  To log off our computer, simply close LeechFTP.  That's it!